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Bus transport has always been popular, and many people tend to use it instead of cars. First of all, it’s much cheaper, you don’t have to stay focused on a ride, and you won’t get bored because you can socialize with other passengers. Our company provides an extensive variety of services, and this proves why we are one of the best.

24/7 booking

We understand that many people aren’t able to visit our premises, that’s why we have enabled an online service where you can book your Route 24/7. Booking is a simple process that requires just a few steps. In this way, you can see the number of available seats, starting time and arrival time. And the distance between your location and destination. If you have some emergency, you quickly cancel your ride, by contacting our call center.

Different types of transportation

Our company offers short – distant and long distant – trips. We currently transport more than 5,000 passengers each day. With us, you can feel safe and enjoy your ride. Our company can transport you to any place in New Zealand. We have branches in every major city, which you can visit and make an inquiry about your route.

Renting a bus

For our most demanding clients, we have provided an option to rent a bus. Depending on your needs, you can rent a bus for a different type of requirements. Whether you are having a family celebration and you want to spare your guests from a long – ride, or you are a business person, and you want to accommodate your clients and show them the city. You can rent a bus for every purpose, and we have several models which we can offer you.

Why Choose Our Services?

For years now, we have been one of the most reputable bus transportation companies in Wellington area. People trust our services because we put their needs on first place. Considering that market has become so challenging nowadays, we are obligated to use all our resources to prove our clients we can fulfill all their demands. With us, you will have a safe and reliable ride. By putting your needs first, we want to ensure you will stay with us on the longer run. Prices are one of the main reasons why people come to us. We can provide you discounts and quotations for long distant rides. You have the opportunity to contact us 24/7 and our coaches will respond your every question.

Our Most Popular Bus For Long Distance Travel

Every transportation company needs to have a great flute of vehicles if they want to be successful in this business. People seek accommodation and comfort, and they want an enjoyable ride. We want to present you one of our most successful buses that attract a lot of attention from our clients. It has a familiar name among our employees, because of its speed and elegance, they call it a Turbo.

Considering the design, its exterior is very elegant as well as interior. It can accommodate up to 60 passengers, and you will feel very pleasant while having your ride. The bus is very spacious, and you won’t feel crowded, which means it is perfect for families who have small children. This bus complies the highest standards regarding safety. In addition to this, our company will also provide you travel insurance with every purchased ticket.

The bus is equipped with air – conditioning, Wi-Fi and television because we want to create a pleasant atmosphere while you are traveling. We all know how long – distant rides can be boring, so we want for time to flies by while you have a trip. Ever seat is adjustable, and it has enough space, so you can take a nap, without worrying you will disturb other passengers.


Every successful company needs to have proper credentials to have a significant number of clients. People need to trust your services, and the best commercial is their positive review. By having a review section, one of the reasons why we always ask our clients to provide us their honest opinion regarding our services, in this way can improve further and adjust our services towards our customers.

Mary S.

This is one of the best companies I had a pleasure to travel. Their personnel is kind and welcoming, they have explained to me how to use an online service, to book my ticket. The ride was enjoyable, and they even provided us refreshments. It was a first time to experience this type of treatment.​

For this company I only have the words of praise. They are just great, and I immensely enjoyed my ride. I had a short notice booking, but they have managed to find me one seat. I was having a paramount business meeting, and my car broke down, so I had to use a bus. They saved me, and I have made an excellent deal​.

Jack M.
Richard F.

Great company and excellent service. Never before I have used their services, and I am surprised how good they are. They have provided me an enjoyable ride, and from now on I will book their services always. I can wait to book a ticket with them again; this company is just excellent.​

This company provides professional renting services and best buses. My son was getting married in another city, so I had to ensure a transportation for the guests. They have given me great prices, and I am thrilled how everything went smoothly. My friends and family were satisfied with their service and enjoyed the ride.​

Morgan J.