Our History

Our History

Back in the 80s, when we first started this business, private bus transportation companies weren’t so modern as today. Maybe a few of them operated in Wellington area. But, considering the demand and the increase of the population, this branch started to develop rapidly. Many people started using buses instead of cars and taxis. They have become a cheaper mean of transportation, and they could relax while traveling, not thinking all the time on the road ahead of them. This is how the beginning of our company started. Over the years, we have grown and manage to become the most influential and reputable businesses in this part of New Zealand.

First of all, we started as a family based company which counted only the members of our family. By providing professional and trustworthy care, people recognized our passion and dedication, and we were gaining a large number of clients. We soon needed to employ more people because the demands were getting high and we were short on staff. So, in the 90s we opened our door and turned from family based company to limited liability company which was ready to employ a large number of people. In the beginning, we hired ten more workers, who were working double shifts.

Over the years, we developed our business to become of the most successful ones, empowering the trust of our clients. We now more than 60 people employed and working with us, as well as six coaches who are in charged in maintaining the professional level of the company. Our customers usually go to them when they want to make some extra demands of when they want to report some lacks in the service. Our call center is working 24/7 and so as our booking system. At any moment, you can book your ticket to any destination, considering there are available seats.

We have one goal ahead of us, and that is to provide our clients a world class service. Since the beginning, we have learned to value the trust clients put in our services. By offering your right conditions, we want to make sure that you stay with for many years more. This why we always have some discounts and bonuses for our clients. Our company understands that today price determines whether you will be hired or not. Considering that competition is high on the market, in the recent years, we had to adjust the prices towards our clients and the local economy. In this case, we can guarantee you that won’t find the cheaper service elsewhere.

The first impression is what it matters, so when you visit our premises, we want you to feel comfortable. All our staff is pleasant and welcoming, and they will help you decide the type of service you need. You are free to use our call center for any additional information. If you have any unique demands, you can contact our coaches; they will be more than happy to assist you.